Going sober sucks. Why? Because while all our mates are out having a few pints, a tequila and that awkward china in the corner is sniffing vodka off a teaspoon, we are sitting at home alone. We have an idea and we have called it wagon31.

The idea, let’s rope in our mates. No doubt, some will throw their toys and tell you things like “you have a better chance of finding a homeopathic cure for cancer” and “I hope you get herpes”, and you can be pretty much guaranteed they won’t be joining in. But, this is not for the tender hearted. Takes a strong personality to pull off a dry month while still having a flipping cracking time… and why not, we survived “coke and crunchie nights” before we started drinking copious amounts of alcohol so that we could “grow a personality”.

So, here is the challenge, pledge R200 to not touch the good stuff for a month starting from the moment you wake up on January 1st 2014. A solid 31 days later, on February 1st, you will be able to disembark the wagon.

All money pledged will, at the end of the month, be donated to The Pebbles Project. They do some excellent work to enrich the lives of children from disadvantaged backgrounds with special educational needs, especially those whose lives are affected by alcohol, through providing support and training to local wine farm and township créches and establishing after-school provision for older children living in the Winelands.

#wagon31 is a community driven month and all suggestions, thoughts, and ideas are not only welcomed, they are encouraged. To join the conversation on twitter simply search #wagon31 and if you would like to join the facebook group you can do so here.

See you on the other side.